Longitude London Dry Gin – A bond of friendship

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handcrafted german gin

The idea of distilling a Gin just for friends and family creates a base of work, quality and a way  of production without compromises. A good load of the best Juniper berries, peel of pink grapefruit and lemon, pomegranate, lemon grass, Cardamom, Tasmanian pepper plus 7 other not treated botanicals are distilled the London Dry way. All ingredients are mixed with Blackforest spring water and alcohol of high percentage, then carefully heated so that every ingredient can dissolve in the steam and enriches our gin for friends and family. And for you as a member of the LONGITUDE family.

Longitudes and Latitudes

Botanicals and brand name are the result of travel, good friends living very far away and many  funny and intense reunions. We had a first claim for our brand which was finally overruled by another good Californian friend who has send the quotation of Henry David Thoreau. And he just hit the point. The longitudes (and latitudes) are the bonds of friendship we would like to share with you and with your friends.

a bond of friendship all over the world

As the output of our handcrafted Longitude London Dry Gin is limited we are nevertheless happy if we can reach many Gin enthusiasts and Gin friends and their friends all over the world, at least to make some reunions become reality with our Gin. We are happy if you could  send us pics of your reunions to share on our social media.

only the best for your friends





of our finest ingredients

how your friends will love longitude gin

Drink with Grapefruit

Eiswürfel Eiswürfel
Grapefruit Grapefruit
Tasmanian Pepper Tasmanian Pepper
Longitude London Dry Gin Longitude London Dry Gin

Fill your tumbler with loads of icecubes, add a splash and a slice of fresh pink grapfruit. If available add two or three fresh berries of Tasmanian pepper, slightly opened to let the pink colour and flavour mix with the rest. Fill up with Thomas Henry or Fevertree Tonic. Cheers!

Drink with Pomegranate

Eiswürfel Eiswürfel
Pomegranate Pomegranate
Longitude London Dry Gin Longitude London Dry Gin

Fill your tumbler with loads of icecubes, add a splash and some little stones of Pomegranate. Fill up with Thomas Henry Classic or Fevertree Classic Tonic. Cheers!

“Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make latitudes and longitudes.”
Henry David Thoreau

it all started with a friendship

Good friends for years and both with individual jobs Pete and Stefan met again sometime back in summer 2015 when we decided to start a proper Gin production with Stefan´s little copper still he bought 10 years ago and already produces fantastic fruit spirits. At that time we had no idea, but we knew exactly what we wanted to produce. An honest Gin of high quality with specially chosen botanicals for our friends and families.